8k Scanner Strikes Again

Yesterday our 8k scanner posted an alert for FRZT at 3:11 PM.  A screenshot of the alert is below along with the trigger keywords and link to the 8k.

The keywords that triggered this 8k alert were “entered into a” and “merger”.  They alerted our members to an 8k that announced a merger between Freeze Tag and Munzee.  Both companies are in the virtual gaming industry and Munzee has software that could help Freeze Tag’s most popular game Garfield GO, which is similar to the blockbuster game Pokemon Go.  The market loved the news and the stock popped almost 100% in early trading before closing up 66%.  Not every 8k that contains trigger keywords will end up making a move like this, but it is a great way to build a small watch list and be ready to take action.


Disclaimer: We have no position and will not trade in any stock mentioned in this post.  We are never compensated by 3rd parties related to any stock we mention in any posts.

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