Multiple chat rooms. Stay on top of everything at once.

Watch and learn as the pro traders in our chat rooms make moves, reveal what they’re thinking, and talk about trends. Our pro traders post their entry, exit, and trade plan in the chat room in real-time. You can trade along side great traders all day long!

Get smarter with Spotlight Stocks.

As a member, you get access to information on stocks the StackedBid team has researched and created a specific trade plan for. These are typically swing trades and great for part-time traders.

Prepare for Tomorrow’s Trades

Our members get a nightly watch list of hot stocks that could turn into great trades for the next day.  This list is a very consistent source of big winners.

Notifications to keep you on top of your game, wherever you are.

Our members are alerted every time the StackedBid team makes a trade for our own account. We call these Team Trades. In additional to Team Trades, we send new Spotlight Stocks and other trade updates out via text/email.

Support when you need it most.

When you’ve got stock questions, or need help with understanding a chart, we’ve got the team of experienced traders at the ready to answer any questions you can throw at them. We’ll help you get the most out of your membership.

The best part is the Pros take the guesswork out of stock picking and that’s 90% of battle. The spotlight stock picks and StackedBid team trade picks are also amazing addition to the chat room.

MJPI +526%

Alert Price: $1.30

Alert Date: 12/8

Summary: After making MJPI our Spotlight Stock we saw it make a great move from $1.30 to a high point of $8.15 in 30 days.

BMXC +525%

Alert Price: $.008

Alert Date: 1/9/17

The Trade: BMXC soared over 500% in two weeks after being added to daily watch list.