An Introduction to Trading Fundamentals (+ 1 Year of Trader Support)


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This course is perfect for beginning traders who want to learn how traders around the world are using the stock market to supplement and even replace their full-time income.  The course will teach you everything you need to know to get started trading.  This course also comes with 1 year of Trader Support.  You will have questions as you go through this course and begin trading.  Our team will be there with answers!  Below are some of the topics covered in the course.

  • Wall Street mentality.
  • What makes a good trader?
  • Tips from the best traders in history.
  • Setting up a brokerage account.
  • Exchanges and stock market terms.
  • How to read charts.
  • How to spot profitable trade opportunities.
  • How to maximize profits and minimize losses.
  • How to use technical indicators to predict breakouts.
  • Technical analysis.
  • 2-week setup guide.
  • Immediate Access to Course After Purchase!