Below are a list of recent winning picks that have come from our Chat Room, Daily Watch Lists, or Spotlight Stock picks.  These are not even close to all of the winning trade ideas that come from the sources above, but they are some of the best ones.  The 10%-50% gain plays are far too numerous to list individually.  Our members have full access to trade ideas from all of these sources on a daily basis.


We posted ALKM as our Spotlight Stock to our Pro Members on 1/24 because of growing volume and buzz on social media.  It broke out over 50% on 1-30-18 and another 25% the following day.  150% total gains possible.  Timing is everything when it comes to trading penny stocks!


Our Spotlight Traders had BYOC on our watch list since 1-16-18 when it broke out over recent resistance levels.  We added it to our watch list when the stock was around the $.05 mark and volume was strong and climbing.  BYOC closed at over $.14 10 days later which created massive gains for our members.


We added APRU to our Daily Watch List after it broke out over previous resistance to make a new 52 wk high 1-05-18.  It has moved over 100% higher since then.  Breakouts over multi-month resistance is a key indicator that we follow.


We added it to our watch list when the stock started trending sideways and forming a new base on December 22nd and it has been on a tear since then.  Sideways consolidation with increasing volume is another key indicator we look for.  PURO moved from $.005 to $.02 in 5 trading sessions.


This Spotlight Stock pick started under $.01 and was trading above $.06 within 5 days.  Possible gains of over 600% on this one.  Another sideways consolidation breakout play that worked really well.


We added it to our watch list when the stock started trending sideways and forming a new base in mid-December.  The stock went on a major run later in the month.


This was our Spotlight Stock from 1-11-2018.  This stock moved from under $.10 to $1 in two days. Huge gains for our members who took profits!


This play was alerted to our members by one of our top Spotlight Traders in the chat room SlyStock.  The stock moved over 1,000% from SlyStock’s alert price.  Very nice play.


Chat room alert for stock that was breaking out of sideways consolidation.  Our Spotlight Traders are excellent at finding breakout patterns and posting them in chat.  You may not want to miss their next one!


Swing trade style Spotlight Stock.  We made HMNY our Spotlight Stock after it broke out over $4 and made a new 52wk high on heavy volume.  The stock hit almost $40 less than 30 days later!  Ideal swing play.


This stock was alerted in chat by multiple Spotlight Traders and also added to our Daily Watch list.  Over 1,800% gains were possible with this flyer.