The RockStar Stock From Chat Today

Wowser we saw PHIL make a huge move closing up 300% on the day!  We added this to our watch list a couple days ago and one of our favorite traders in the chat room SlyStock brought this to our members attention

this morning when it was trading at 11:22 am when PHIL was trading at just over $.02.  Below is the screen shot of his actual chat post.

Not long after this comment was posted PHIL started trending higher…

At this point it is looking like PHIL is going to have a great day, but how great?

PHIL closed the day at $.10 which is almost a 500% move from when Slystock brought the idea to our members.  Thank him next time you are in chat.  If you are not in the chat room, are you getting alerts like this?

UPDATE:  Day 2




Disclaimer: We have no position and will not trade in any stock mentioned in this post.  We are never compensated by 3rd parties related to any stock we mention in any posts.

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