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Ultimate Day Trading Guide – How To Be a Day Trader in 2020

Chapter 1: Ultimate Day Trading Guide Purpose of the lesson: We’ll begin the process of explaining the market and how you should think about it. “I would write down observations and think about them. I thought about everything I was doing.” – Richard Dennis Before we get started, a brief note about study habits. Until you … Continued

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Breakouts and Breakdowns: When Support and Resistance are Broken

Breakouts and breakdowns. A breakout is when a stock’s price moves through a level of resistance. A breakout can occur either out of sideways movement, or as a continuation of an uptrend, or as a reversal of downtrend. The latter two are generally where we see more price expansion. Our goal as traders is to … Continued

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Trading Ranges: Uptrends, Downtrends, Consolidation & Congestion

Stock prices move up and down within what’s called a trading range. Most of the time, they move sideways. Market prices move in cycles. The name of the game is recognizing these cycles. Extended stock cycles sometimes take years to complete. Within a given cycle, smaller cycles take place over the course of months, weeks, … Continued

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