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I paid for 4 months worth of membership with one pick!  Thank you so much.

The reason I joined “Stackedbid” is because I am brand new trader and my portfolio was bleeding terribly because of lack of information. Lucky I ran into this site and since I’ve been here, my account been in the GREEN!

I have tried a bunch of different trading and chatroom websites and this one by far the best and ironically one of the least expensive.

BMXC +525%

Alert Price: $.008

Alert Date: 1/9/17

The Trade: BMXC soared over 500% in two weeks after being added to daily watch list.

EMMD +408%

Alert Price: $.82

Alert Date: 2/17/17

Trade: After making EMMD our Spotlight Stock it soared from $.82 to $4.17 a little over a month.

Locked in around $1,400 from Friday to today or more than 100% in profits thanks to this chat.

APHD +313%

Alert Price: $.0015

Alert Date: 4/27/17

Trade: APHD trended up over 300% after being added to daily watch list.

So far have participated in 3 spotlight stocks and they have all had huge gains. I have made enough to pay for my membership for the whole year and then some.

My favorite part of the StackedBid website is the Chat Room! In my case this is the most important feature because I hold full time job and I can’t browse stocks continuously. Therefore, on my break, all I have to do check with the Pros in Chat Room and I’m plugged into real time stock ideas and information

I’ve made 6 months of membership dues just watching your team. Good selling point for others to join. And the interaction on blogs.

Learn from the best.

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