Best Cryptocurrency: Trading the Top Cryptocurrencies in 2023

Is 2023 the Year of the Cryptocoin?

Bitcoin Value

Bitcoin has always been considered the best cryptocurrency.  In 2017 Bitcoin’s value rose to more than $3,000, much higher than the value of 1 oz. of gold.  Similarly as shocking, a number of brand-new cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum and Litecoin delved into the limelight. This brings the total value of every cryptocoin to well over $100 billion!  So is Bitcoin the best cryptocurrency?  We will find out!

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The lasting overview of cryptocurrencies has actually become more unclear. Through years of Bitcoin’s supremacy, tiffs amongst it’s core programmers and also absence of development have affected its popularity.  In addition, increasing purchase costs made it much less eye-catching as a repayment system and also a long-lasting financial investment.

What is the Best Cryptocurrency?

Best Cryptocurrency

Ethereum has become a solid rival with a concentrate on applications improving the blockchain as opposed to basic purchases. Considering additioal cryptocoins appear to be launching each week it is very difficult to tell which will end up on top.

No one knows specifically where the best place to spend and what will eventually occur to any one of these cryptocurrencies. This is an excellent opportunity to explore the ones that have the most upside.

Cryptocurrency Trading

When it comes to cryptocurrencies, fundamental analysis data is difficult to come by.  On a fundamental level it is essentially a coin flip regarding whether the cryptocurrency has a long term future or not. However, there are large amounts of data available for technical analysis, which can be very helpful in cryptocurrency trading.

Bitcoin and also Ethereum are currently the two most liquid cryptocurrencies to trade. Litecoin is also very liquid at this point as its user base has grown substantially over the past few months. Bitcoin can be traded effectively using the most simple examples of technical analysis.  Basic technical analysis focuses on support, resistance and moving averages.  If you are not familiar with these, check out this blog post for more information.

There are currently almost 50 currency brokers in the world that allow cryptocurrency trading. All the brokers offer Bitcoin trading while about half of them offer Ethereum, Litecoin, and some other more obscure crypto coins.  As time goes on more options will be available at brokers, but for now we are a bit limited.

Bitcoin Price Today

The original cryptocurrency is still one of the most prominent, regardless of its troubles. The bitcoin value today is over $41 billion, it has the greatest market cap.  Bitcoin has been traded for 8 years and it’s commonly made use of around the globe. So far no one has discovered an exploitable weak point in the method of functions.

Bitcoin is an investible currency and also a repayment system. Individuals are able to conveniently send out as well as obtain Bitcoins or Bitcoin Cash. The Bitcoin share price fluctuates rapidly on a daily basis. The identification of the inventor of Bitcoin is unknown.  An individual or team of individuals called Satoshi Nakamota supposedly invented the cryptocurrency then vanished two years later in 2010.

Bitcoin was developed to work on an invention called blockchain.  This is commonly the platform of the substantial bulk of cryptocurrencies available. Comprehending the idea is not unimportant, however is essential to begin to understand how the cryptocurrency system is designed.

What is a Blockchain?

Blockchain is a dispersed data source that contains all the purchases in the platform in pieces of information called blocks. If Dave sends a Bitcoin to Marlene, anyone on the platform has the details of the transaction. This has a double function. It produces brand-new coins, and also it offers the technical resources for the platform to document all transactions.

It’s a completely clear system of monetary deals.  Every solitary deal will be recorded and can be viewed by any individual. Bitcoin can do it all: From being a method to keep electronic cash, a method to send out or get it, as well as a means to safely keep it for every customer on the platform. The purchases are fast, safe and secure. The money is doing everything by itself with no upkeep needed!

Bitcoin does have its limitations.  You still can not go to or use Bitcoins today.  However, there are a lot of btc miner services that enable you to mine or earn Bitcoins.

Making a Bitcoin Investment

Bitcoin and all other cryptocurrencies have seen incredible volume and volatility over the past couple months.  Some traders have chosen to trade Bitcoin and cryptocurrency stocks instead of the currency directly.  This strategy can work well if you are more familiar with trading stocks than trading currencies.


Ethereum has a different structure compared to Bitcoin. Invented by wunderkind developer Vitalik Buterin, it functions in a similar way to Bitcoin, however its key objective is to be a system whereupon decentralized apps could be developed.

Bitcoin’s blockchain primarily documents a kind of record that states when electronic funds have relocated from one electronic location to another. It is possible to run simple programs on the Bitcoin blockchain, but development can be difficult based on its centralized platform.

Developers realized this and new ventures on top of Ethereum began appearing. Ethereum is similar to the web itself, a system on which programmers can build exciting new platforms.

What is the Best Cryptocurrency?

Ethereum is frequently considered as possibly the cryptocurrency with the most promise, the future is vague because of numerous factors. Ethereum succeeds or fails by the success of the applications developed on top of it.  If these apps begin falling short (or falling short of their frequently enthusiastic guarantees), Ethereum will certainly feel the burden. Additionally, considering Ethereum’s enthusiastic and far reaching objectives, it’s not totally apparent if the platform can scale sufficiently to enable complicated applications with great deals of individuals to run.

The Ethereum currency is not commonly used to pay for goods like Bitcoin is, so it’s uncertain just what long term value of the currency will be based upon.

Both Bitcoin and Ethereum have seen heavy swings in price over the past year. Ethereum can be just as volatile, if not more than Bitcoin.  The volatility should ease in the coming years as traders become more familiar with the marketplace.


Litecoin can be alternate to Ethereum or Bitcoin that intends to take care of numerous concerns that are restricting the success of Bitcoin.  It’s not as cutting-edge as Ethereum and the price is created by trader volume and demand.  The leadership structure for Litecoin is also different and more transparent than Bitcoin or Ethereum.  This increased transparency may lend itself well to attracting trusting investors in the future.

When Coinbase embraced Litecoin, the cryptocurrency started to be viewed in the same lite as the more traditional Ethereum and Bitcoin.  Litecoin simultaneously introduced the Segregated Witness (SegWit) modern technology, which addresses the concern Bitcoin has actually been hesitant to resolve, which includes expanding the platform and lowering transaction costs.

These events caused Litecoin’s value to increase significantly over the past year boosting it into solid contention with the two other major cryptos.


Zcash and Monero are designed very differently, however they’re both geared towards the same goal which is to fix the issue that Bitcoin has been reluctant to solve: confidential purchases.

Zcash and Monero are commonly regarded as a money for the dark web and also a means for money launderers to conceal the origin of funds. The blockchain that Bitcoin is created on is in truth rather clear.  Every solitary purchase is recorded and also public and any individual can see the transaction history. Bitcoin’s procedure itself permits a level of privacy it is possible to develop means to more anonymize Bitcoin purchases.  However, these options are not always 100% effective.

Zcash and Monero’s goal to transform the transactions from traceable to anonymous.  They each attempt to accomplish this goal in substantially unique ways, but the major distinction remains due to the partially public blockchain on Zcash.  The Monero blockchain is much more concealed.

The opinion is undecided regarding which method functions better.  Zcash has not even fully rolled out its platform.  The bottom line is privacy will be more easily acheived when completing transactions on the Zcash and Monero platforms.

This may seem like a perfect haven for criminals, However there can be legit reasons to prefer anonymous purchases. Not every person would want the public to know how much they are spending on late night infomercial junk!  It’s too early to figure out which cryptocurrency with an emphasis on privacy will prevail, but we do know people want a way to make purchases and send money with no footprint.

Tezos/EOS/Bancor and also others

Lets enter into the world of pure conjecture. The three currencies detailed above have not even been totally released, and they were still able to generate greater than $150 million bucks in each of their ICOs.

Cryptocurrency market cap

The Bancor system makes developing brand-new cryptocoins very easy as well as easily trade-able on the exchanges. Tezos is similar to Ethereum, but the platform is more easily upgradeable and easier to manage. EOS also runs on a similar platform to Ethereum and focuses on resolving Ethereum’s scaling problems by offering an extra durable collection of devices to produce and also run applications on the system.

There are lots of others available as well with an extremely diverse collection of objectives; Ripple concentrates on inexpensive worldwide repayments. Gnosis was built to forecast on the Ethereum platform.  Stratis helps make it less complicated to construct blockchain applications.

What Will Be the Top Cryptocurrency?

It is far too early to tell.  Ethereum and Bitcoin have a solid lead on the competition since they were the first to enter the space and create a marketplace for digital currency. However, the main driving factor behind a cryptocurrency’s success is user adoption.  The more people use the currency, the more successful and valuable it becomes.

The explosion of multiple cryptocurrencies to the market place has brought with it a fair amount of criticism.  The majority of brand-new coins that have showed up recently have gotten a reasonable amount of objection. Some creators have been declared unethical or hoggish. Others were stated to be nothing greater than funny money and a couple of lines of poorly written code. This area is advancing so quickly that joke cryptocoins have even able to raise increasing substantial funds.

If you are interested in cryptocurrency trading or investing the best way to learn more about the different options is to read and do your research.  The market is very young and even the top traders in the world do not know how it will all pan out.  Finally, if you do not want to trade currencies directly you can look into Bitcoin stock, which can be just as exciting!