Trader Thoughts……

Another very solid day in the StackedBid chat room with multiple double digit gainers both from the chat room and our watch list.  XGTI and MRNS are two highlights from yesterday’s watch list while CHRO and HYSR ruled from the chat room.  Any one of these plays would have a major positive impact on your trading account and our members had access to all four plus lots more 10%-15% gainers.

Do you know how fast a portfolio grows if you can find one 10% gain per day? $1,000 turns into over $117,000 in only 50 days!

Don’t be naive and expect to have only gains and never take any losses, but this is the point….We don’t need to find 50%-100% gainers even though our Spotlight Stocks have a history of those kind of gains.  The most wealthy traders are ones who find 1-2 solid plays every day that earn 5%-10% each.

When our pro traders teach our members how to invest in penny stocks they focus on stocks to buy and produce smaller more consistent gains. Our chat room outperforms other stock forums and stock message boards because we have pro traders posting top trades from the stock market and we don’t have amateur traders spamming the stock message board with whatever crappy stock they just bought.


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