Real-Time 8k Scanner Could Be Game Changer

We Have a New Feature for Pro Ultra Members!

The team has been developing an 8k alert software for the past couple months and it has finally arrived in its first beta testing phase.

What are 8k Filings?

Companies use 8k filings to disclose material changes in their business to the public. This can mean anything from merger plans to a reduction of outstanding shares to a huge new distribution deal with Wal-Mart.  As many of you know, an 8k filing has the potential to cause a stock to make a substantial move higher (or lower) depending on the content of the 8k filing. 8k filings are posted to the public on the website throughout the trading day.  The challenge with trading stocks that have filed an 8k is the database is cumbersome to search AND 8k alerts are happening all through the trading day which makes them very unpredictable.  There are hundreds of 8k filings posted every day and only a small handful contain information that would create a good trade opportunity.

Our Solution

Our software scans the filing database 2 times per second throughout the entire trading day.  Every new 8k that is filed is then scanned for specific keywords that we have created in our database.  We scanned months worth of past 8k filings to find the specific keywords contained in 8k filings that created huge trade opportunities.  Our system will now locate every new 8k filing, scan the 8k filing for trigger keywords, and post every 8k filing that contains a trigger word or phrase all within 2 seconds.  Lastly, the artificial intelligence program that we have built will learn additional keywords and phrases over time which will make this system more accurate and more efficient.

The Advantage

Have you heard of the phrase “timing is everything in the market”?  We have observed that it takes stocks between 3-5 minutes on average to begin reacting after a positive 8k is filed. You will now be alerted within 2-3 seconds which will give you time to fully read the 8k and determine if the filing is actionable.  You now have access to one of the fastest (if not the fastest) 8k scanning tools in the world!


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