This Bitcoin Stock is Going Crazy!

Are Bitcoin Stocks the New Marijuana Stocks?

Yesterday one of our Spotlight Traders who has had a lot of success alerting triple zero plays posted a trade alert in the chat room for ZNTR.  Our Spotlight Trader MooCow observed large blocks of ZNTR being purchased at 2:06 PM EST when ZNTR was trading at $.0002.  As of this writing ZNTR is trading at $.0014 up 600% from MooCow’s original alert.

The stock is now up a significant percentage over the past couple days so it is definitely a risky play at this point, but that is why being a part of a team of traders is so key.  Stock trades like this become dramatically less risky for those who are there early. Information is a very valuable commodity and the more people that are sharing information the better!

Bitcoin stocks have been on a tear lately. GAHC CNXS AVRN MGTI GTRL CCTL BITCF BTSC BTCS etc…. have all seen some impressive gains lately and the momentum of these stocks brings us back to the early days of the marijuana craze.  As the value of bitcoin continues to rise we could see these stocks gain more and more respect from the market. The real test to see if we have a fleeting moment or a real bitcoin movement will be if we see stocks change their business model to be involved in bitcoin. Remember when oil and gas stocks or shipping stocks all the sudden became marijuana stocks?  The ridiculousness of that trend let us know that the marijuana stock movement was real and here to stay.  Bitcoin is still relatively misunderstood or not understood at all for the majority of the people in the market.  As more people learn about bitcoin we could see an increase in volume for bitcoin stocks.

*The StackedBid team does not hold a position in any stock mentioned in this post.

REMEMBER:  The team will never own shares of any Spotlight Stock.  We also never accept compensation of any type for any alerts.  It is rare that our team will own any shares of a stock on our watch list.  If we do, we will declare it here.   ​​​​​​​


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