This is Why Filings are Important

Back on June 2nd BVTK posted an 8k filing announcing a strategic alliance between themselves and Mile High Construction where BVTK would provide $200,000 of expansion funding for MHC and in return would receive 30% of MHC profits.  Our 8k scanner posted this new 8k within 30 seconds of the 8k filing being posted on the SEC website. When it comes to trading a catalyst like a new 8k filing, speed is vitally important.  The first people to read the 8k are able to take action the quickest before everyone else reads it.  Not every 8k filing is an actionable event.  In fact, most 8k filings are rather mundane.  However, our members are among the first to know if a substantial 8k filing is posted because our system finds and scans 8k filings for keywords all within a matter of seconds.



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