This is Why Real-Time 8k Scanning is Important

Our real-time 8k scanner has been operational for a couple weeks now and it has already nailed some real winners. Speed is vitally important if you are trading news or filings because EVERYONE trades news and filings! You need to react quickly if making catalyst trades is your cup of tea. Our 8k software scans every single 8k filing within 1 second of it being posted to the SEC website for keywords and phrases. If a filing contains a key word or phrase it is posted to our 8k alert page in less than 10 seconds. See below for an example of an 8k alert. The keyword phrase was “Entered Into a” which is typically followed by news regarding a new partnership, merger, or sales agreement. If you look back at the SEC posting history you will see that the BVTK 8k was also posted at exactly 2:25 PM EST. We have a proprietary list of keywords and phrases that will trigger an 8k alert.

The 8k was filed to report that BVTK had entered into a new strategic alliance. On 6/2 when this 8k alert was posted BVTK was trading at $.0011. Within 5 minutes of the 8k alert being posted the stock started to move higher. Today BVTK is trading at $.0022. Timing is everything when it comes to trading catalysts. You can either sit on the SEC home page all day refreshing the screen every 5 seconds and then reading through every 8k that is posted, or you can let our software do the work for you.

Try it for 14-days free and see if you like it! 

Disclaimer: The owners of this website have no position or relationship with any stocks mentioned in this post.

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