Meet Our Spotlight Traders!

We want to introduce the Spotlight Traders who’s trade alerts are posted in our chat room on a daily basis.  These traders are very talented when it comes to keeping our members informed about what is happening in the stock market and what stocks are making moves.

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SlyStock– A very talented trader who focuses on momentum penny stocks.  He trades mostly on the long side, but will occasionally sell stocks short.  He typically looks for swing trades with a hold time of 2-15 days, but will also day trade if the opportunity arises.   Some of his recent wins include GYOG, DDDX, and GAHC.  SlyStock is definitely a trader to keep an eye on in chat.

ProTrader– A veteran trader who focuses on a mix of OTCBB and listed stocks from NASDAQ or NYSE.  He is excellent at reading and analyzing charts.  He favors day trading over swing trading, but he will do both.  He is one of the wisest traders in the chat room at all times.  He recently called DCTH before it moved over 300% in two days.

OptimumsPrime– Another experienced trader who excels at technical analysis and momentum plays.  He is very active in chat and his trade ideas have a high degree of accuracy and success.  OptimusPrime tends to stick with lower priced stocks with hold times from 1-3 days.  If you like trading penny stocks with momentum he is the one to follow.  Optimus has made some great calls with Bitcoin stocks over the past couple weeks as they begin to heat up.

MooCow– King of the triple zero trade ideas.  MooCow plays very low priced stocks and when these stocks make a move, they make a BIG move.  He is great and spotting unusual volume and trading patterns in these low priced stocks which can be a big indicator of a future move.

Lx21– His focus is more on big board stocks that are traded on the main exchanges NYSE, NASDAQ, etc.  He trades almost exclusively swing trades with longer hold times.  Great at researching fundamentals and finding value where others may miss it.  If you like trading larger stocks and have a longer investment time horizon he is your guy.

MrWonderful– The “real” Mr. Wonderful, not that Shark Tank guy.  A well rounded trader who trades all types of stocks and even some options.  You can tell he has been trading for a long time because he is well versed in every exchange and most types of trades.  He is a true utility trader that will trade anything as long as he thinks there is money to be made.

Trading can be very difficult even for experienced traders.  Almost every trader we know trades with people, not alone.  Why try and figure everything out on your own?  Our network of traders is what makes our site so successful.  Ideas can be shared by a group of people much faster than an individual.


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